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What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a method of selling products where one company sells an item to their customer, and in turn, has another company manufacture and send that item to the customer.  Your customer orders through your site and pays you, then you contact your drop shipper and pay them their percentage, which of course is less than the amount that your customer paid you.  You've earned income, without even touching the actual product. 

This can be a very successful system for the small business entrepreneur because they don't need to pre-purchase or warehouse a single product unless they want to.  It also puts the entrepreneur in complete control of what they sell, and what price they choose.  It also allows you the freedom of designing your business and web site exactly how you want.  Add interesting information, make your web site enjoyable, and watch your business grow.

Drop shipping is not new, but e-commerce is, relatively speaking.  It's a business that is growing steadily as more and more people feel safe buying on-line.  Now is the time to make your drop ship contacts.  By creating business relationships with your drop shippers, you'll be setting the path for your success for the future.  We all dream of working how and when we want.  Internet businesses are the perfect solution when it comes to making money while you work, and while you play. You may even consider adding products to an on-line auction.  Get creative and have fun.  The potential is endless.


Don't have the time or storage space - Let us be your Drop Ship Solution.


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