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What We Offer You

Information.  You will be purchasing a list in PDF format that will give you the names of over fifty different manufacturers that will send their products directly to your customers. You will find this list quite convenient to use because you can just click on the links to visit their pages, rather than copying and pasting each url.

Some of these companies offer blind drop shipping, which simply means that they will not put their own information on the products that they ship.  Some will even add your information to the product or packaging.  We recommend visiting these drop shippers to see all of the services and products that each one offers.

Every company will have their own system of operation when it comes to drop shipping arrangements.  Our categorized list will give you their company name and description of the products that they sell.  It will also have links to the home page of their web site, as well as a link to their drop shipping information.

All links will take you directly to companies that make or sell products.  There are no links to Drop Shipping clubs or advisors.  We have personally checked out each link, and have deemed them to be good, reputable companies, with great products.  But just like with any of our sites, our customers are our ears and eyes.  If you ever have any problems with any of the companies listed, we will investigate further, and remove any site that is found objectionable.

We don't believe that you'll find another list that offers as much information for such a low price.  For only $7.95 you will have access to hundreds of products to sell on your own web site.  This is not a monthly fee, this is a one-time payment for our very special list.  You can start selling these products today.


Don't have the time or storage space - Let us be your Drop Ship Solution.


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